A poem composed by one of the Time For Action members giving an insight into why enough is enough and now is the Time For Action.

…while we wait

…less than 24 hours after vaccination
a young life changes

…all symptoms on the likely side effects list
…so we wait

…symptoms worsen – can’t walk, can’t read, can’t eat
but don’t “rush to blame the vaccine”
wait to see if “other girls affected”
will get better – probably post viral
…so just wait

pain, confusion, fainting, still not eating
…while we wait
tiredness, severe insomnia, distress
…while we wait
6 months for a CFS diagnosis
….so we wait
no tests, no treatment, no school
…while we wait
….to see a consultant

– apply for Vaccine Damage Payment
but WE need to prove causation
…we need more evidence
…and so we wait
– apply for Employment Support Allowance
“we’ll put you on hold”
….and so we wait
– apply for legal action
but not enough evidence
…and so we wait

9 years later
…still waiting
for treatment, for an education
for recognition, for compensation
a young life wasted, devastated
teenage years on hold
…still waiting

the EMA states “benefits outweigh the risks”…
(although their reviewers state
“ further investigation needed”…)
time’s running out
to challenge the manufacturers…
vaccination continues…

for those whose risks outweigh the benefits


By a mother

(CFS – Chronic fatigue Syndrome
EMA – European Medicine Agency)



For more information if you, or your daughter, have experienced new health problems after HPV vaccination:  http://timeforaction.org.uk/has-your-family-been-affected/