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High number of reported side effects with HPV vaccine ignored in patient safety review – an open letter to Jeremy Hunt

OPEN LETTER To: Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care 22nd February 2018 Dear Mr Hunt We write to you as parents of girls who have reported serious suspected side effects with the HPV vaccination – both Cervarix and Gardasil brand of HPV vaccine. Whilst we appreciate that the vaccination has been given to millions of girls without apparent adverse reaction, the issue of our daughters’ chronic illnesses has been raised with regulatory authorities and politicians since 2009 – with Crispin Blunt MP speaking in the House in May 2009 (less than a...

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HPV Vaccines: Flawed Safety Reviews & Flawed Clinical Trials?

Where is the scrutiny and accountability with HPV vaccines? It has taken the Time For Action team 3 months to obtain a copy of this systematic review, Serious adverse events associated with HPV vaccination, which was commissioned by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and referenced in the WHO Weekly Epidemiological Record of 14 July 2017. The Countess of Mar asked a Parliamentary question which resulted in a copy of this review being publicly available via Hansard, after a request from us directly to the WHO received no response. The systematic review has been referenced in a statement from the...

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Our Daughter as an HPV Vaccine Statistic – A Personal Story

Our Daughter as an HPV Vaccine Statistic – A Personal Story   A small article in the Sunday Times (5/11/2017) highlighted almost 9,000 “adverse reactions” to the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer, in the nine years since it was introduced.  This is our e-mail to the Medicines Healthcare and products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in December 2009 – three weeks after our daughter became ill after her second HPV vaccination. This is our experience of our daughter being part of this HPV vaccine statistic.       Dear Sir/Madam.                       ...

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Requesting a Health Select Committee Inquiry into HPV Vaccines

OPEN LETTER TO MEMBERS OF THE UK GOVERNMENT HEALTH SELECT COMMITTEE   Dear Members of the Health Select Committee On 25th October we held a Lobby of Parliament where we hoped to draw to the attention of MPs our concerns around the type, number and severity of reported reactions to the HPV vaccination and the lack of follow-up by the MHRA.  We attach data obtained through FOI to illustrate that chronic illnesses are reported at a much higher rate for the HPV vaccination than for any other vaccination – and the vaccination is only given to girls. On 2nd...

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OPEN LETTER OF COMPLAINT TO THE BBC IN RELATION TO THE VICTORIA DERBYSHIRE PROGRAMME COVERAGE  ABOUT THE HPV VACCINATION AND FUTURE SCREENING CHANGES   Lord Tony Hall DIRECTOR GENERAL, BBC 10th November 2017 Dear Lord Hall We would like to complain strongly about the factually incorrect information given on the Victoria Derbyshire programme today in the segment about the HPV vaccination and the future screening changes. Particular comments made by the presenter and her guest from Public Health England and Cancer Research UK were: •  “HPV causes 99% of cervical cancers” •  “HPV is a virus that is linked...

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Time For Action Lobby of Parliament on HPV Vaccination

TIME FOR ACTION LOBBY OF PARLIAMENT ON HPV VACCINATION On October 25th, parents and families from the Time for Action campaign group staged their Lobby of Parliament, to draw attention to the high number of reported side effects with HPV vaccines and to call for a Health Select Committee Inquiry. The Time for Action team would like to thank family members and supporters who attended, especially Jackie Fletcher from JABS and those who travelled from Ireland, Spain and Isle of Man to attend. We managed to speak to a good number of MPs, more than we had expected, and...

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A statement of support for Irish families from UK campaign group, Time For Action – UK Families Affected by HPV Vaccination 31st August 2017 Media reports of families in Ireland who have reported serious health problems experienced by their daughters after HPV vaccination have been read by families in the UK and beyond. The UK Time For Action campaign team want to take this opportunity to express our support for these vulnerable Irish families and our alarm at the media attacks and these families being labelled as ’emotional terrorists’. Whilst we appreciate that the HPV vaccination may have been...

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OPEN LETTER TO THE JCVI 28th August 2017 Dear JCVI members We write in response to the consultation concerning the deployment of the HPV vaccination to teenage boys as part of the NHS schedule. Whilst we appreciate that the vaccination may have been given to millions of girls without adverse reactions and that it may well be of health benefit to them in the future, we write as parents of girls who have developed severe, life-limiting illness within close proximity of having the HPV vaccination. Our daughters have been ill for a long time, in some cases for...

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Thousands of girls report feeling seriously ill after routine school cancer vaccination

31st May 2015, by Paul Gallagher, Independent on Sunday Thousands of girls report feeling seriously ill after routine school cancer vaccination When Caron Ryalls was asked to sign consent forms so that her then 13-year-old daughter, Emily, could be vaccinated against cervical cancer, she assumed it was the best way to protect Emily’s long-term health. Yet the past four years have turned into a nightmare for the family as Emily soon suffered apparent side effects. Only two weeks after her first HPV injection, the teenager experienced dizziness and nausea. “The symptoms grew increasingly worse after the second and third...

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Is the HPV vaccine too good to be true? Girls who regret having the jab

27th January 2015, by Christina Earle, The Sun Is the HPV vaccine too good to be true? Girls who regret having the jab Vaccines to protect against cancers sound great – but are they too good to be true? Concerns have been raised about the safety of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, which aims to protect young women from the human papilloma virus that causes cervical cancer and a strain that causes genital warts. According to figures cited last week in Parliament, 2,500 of the 100,000 people vaccinated with Gardasil experienced serious side effects. Just ten people in 100,000 will develop cervical cancer and...

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Side-effects of cancer jab almost killed us

14th April 2014, by Christina Earle, The Sun Side-effects of cancer jab almost killed us A jab to protect your daughter from cancer sounds fantastic. But, just hours after having the HPV vaccine, these three girls say they were left with devastating side-effects – leaving one fighting for her LIFE. And hundreds of others have reported blurred vision and hallucinations. The jab, given to girls aged 12 to 13, is part of a national programme, rolled out in 2008, to protect against cancers caused by the human papillomavirus, including 70 per cent of cervical cancers and many head and neck cancers. Here,...

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Cervical cancer jab left girl, 13, in ‘waking coma’, claim parents

14th November 2011, by Stephen Adams, The Telegraph Cervical cancer jab left girl, 13, in ‘waking coma’, claim parents The parents of a 13-year-old girl believe the cervical cancer jab has left their daughter in what they describe as a “waking coma”. Lucy Hinks started suffering tiredness and flu-like symptoms after having the first two injections of the Cervarix anti-cancer vaccine last autumn. Weeks after having the final injection in May, her health went rapidly downhill and her parents Steve and Pauline say she now sleeps for up to 23 hours a day. They say doctors are now “95...

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Comparing reported Adverse Reactions to vaccines in UK


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