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TIME FOR ACTION is a UK campaign group formed by a group of UK parents whose daughters experienced serious health problems after HPV vaccination.

Each of us has endured a very similar journey after our daughters developed new and serious health problems following their HPV vaccination. We’ve all had difficulties accessing medical help to get them better and have experienced difficulty accessing education.

Our wish is for a government investigation of the side effects, as had happened in The Netherlands with Cervarix. Here is a link to the 2016 Lareb report from the Netherlands, which said,

“Based on the analysis of these reports a causal relation between Cervarix® vaccination and long-lasting symptoms can not be concluded nor excluded. In order to study whether long lasting fatigue occurs more often in vaccinated girls than in unvaccinated girls, an epidemiological study is recommended.” 

https://www.lareb.nl/media/2999/cervarix_31102016.pdf   8/11/2016

Teenage girls across the world are reporting new, serious and similar health problems following HPV vaccination. For many of these previously healthy girls, they are suddenly unable to continue with their education, unable to take part in normal, everyday activities and they are facing a future with chronic and life-limiting health conditions.

This website outlines the TIME FOR ACTION campaign and is also a resource for parents of girls who suspect their health problems may be associated with HPV vaccination. The website also provides access to the latest research and developments relating to HPV vaccines, enabling parents to make a more informed decision about whether to vaccinate their daughter of not.

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