TIME FOR ACTION is a campaign group run by UK families for UK families.  Our daughters have all experienced health problems following HPV vaccination.

My daughter has developed health problems after HPV vaccination, what should I do?

  • Start gathering information eg vaccination record, school attendance record
  • Keep a symptom diary and a note of medical appointments and school absences
  • If you suspect your daughter’s health problems may be associated with HPV vaccination, please get in touch with us

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We are raising £2500 towards European-wide action for Informed Consent with HPV vaccination. It’s our goal that every parent should have the full facts in order to make a truly informed decision.

EU Ombudsman investigates complaint

Read the latest news about the complaint filed by scientists at the Nordic Cochrane Centre to the European Medicines Agency over maladministration related to safety of the HPV vaccines

Diane Harper MD & Principle Investigator on HPV Vaccine Clinical Trials
Short segment of an interview where Dr Harper explains the progression of HPV infection to cervical cancer

Zorg.nu– HPV Vaccines
Segment of a programme produced and aired on Dutch TV in The Netherlands 15/11/2016

Danish Documentary on HPV Vaccines
Documentary produced and aired in Denmark March 2015, (English subtitles)

Product Information Leaflet (PIL) for HPV Vaccines

Medicines are usually dispensed with a Patient Information Leaflet which patients are advised to read before taking the medicine, so they are fully aware of the risks and potential adverse reactions.  Below are links to the Patient Information Leaflet for CERVARIX and GARDASIL, the two brands of HPV vaccine that have been used in the UK school immunisation programme.  The leaflets are sourced from the electonic Medicines Compendium (eMC).

CERVARIX was the brand used in the UK HPV vaccination programme from 2008 to August 2012

GARDASIL is the brand used in the UK HPV vaccination programme from September 2012 to the present

The TIME FOR ACTION campaign primarily focuses on 4 core aims:

Investigation and Follow Up

For the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) to clinically investigate and follow up all reports of serious adverse reactions associated with HPV vaccines

Assessment and Treatment

An assessment and treatment protocol to be adopted by healthcare professionals for girls experiencing health problems and suspected adverse reactions following HPV vaccination

Provision of Educational Support

Support for education provision for girls experiencing disrupted education due to chronic and severe health problems, and greater clarity between schools and Local Authorities regarding responsibility of supplying this education provision

Promotion of Informed Consent

More detailed information and the vaccine manufacturer’s Patient Information Leaflet to be given to parents and girls prior to consenting to HPV vaccination to enable them to make a fully informed decision

The number of suspected Adverse Reactions reported with the HPV Vaccines for each of the following categories.
The figures cover Yellow Card reports filed with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) between 1/1/2008 and 27/7/2016

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Muscle & Tissue Disorders

Nervous System Disorders

General Disorders

What the experts say...

The EMA’s official 40-page report is misleading as it gives the citizens the impression that there is nothing to worry about in relation to vaccine safety and that the experts consulted by the EMA agree on this. However, the EMA’s confidential, internal report reveals that several experts had the opinion that the vaccine might not be safe and called for further research, but there was nothing about this in the official report. We find the extreme level of secrecy imposed by the EMA on its working group members and other experts is inappropriate and goes against the public interest in openness and transparency about possible serious harms of the vaccine.    

EMA safety review of HPV vaccines:  complaint of maladministration to the European Medicines Agency from scientists at the Nordic Cochrane Centre, 2015   (Page 4)

What the experts say...

“Should the concerns over possible harms of the HPV vaccine be confirmed, the trust in the EMA and in vaccines in general may be damaged beyond repair. In fact, we know that the EMA’s handling of the HPV controversy – pretending that we have sufficient knowledge when we haven’t – has already become a PR disaster”

EMA Safety Review of HPV Vaccines: complaint of maladministration to the European Medicines Agency from scientists at the Nordic Cochrane Centre, 2015 (page 16)

What the experts say...

“If over time, it turns out that the suspicion of serious adverse reactions to the vaccines is confirmed in one degree or another, it may perhaps be the biggest scandal in the history of medicine “

A public responsum version 3.0. prepared by Torben Palshof, December 10th 2015. Dr Palshof is a well respected Danish oncologist who participated in the advisory board recommending which brand of HPV vaccine Denmark should choose to be used in the national HPV vaccination programme.

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